Designer Advice: Inspiring Home Decorating Ideas For Beginners

Words by Alexandra White

It’s never been a bad idea to upgrade your home, especially if you don’t like the feeling of being left behind. Whether if you are looking for an instant DIY or do-it-yourself home decor ideas to do right away or decorating tips and ideas to put your stamp on a bedroom or living room.

Here are some of the simplest decorating tips that will help you create a home that amazes you all the time.

Raise Your Ceiling by Using Visual Tricks

If the ceiling inside your house is on the low side, paint them with less bold colors to feel less claustrophobic. Just by hanging your curtains higher than your windows, can trick you and your guest’s eye into thinking that your room would appear taller.

Courtesy Denis Krasikov

If you need to hang them higher, you’ll need to arrange your custom curtains. Try going for vertical stripes on your curtains. These vertical lines will outwardly lengthen your dividers. Inclining a large mirror against a divider can likewise influence a space to appear taller than usual.

Ask Help from Professionals

The longer you live in your house, the less that you’ll notice the mess that is gradually building up over time. To have a better and more relaxing surrounding, you should assess and look around.

You can always ask help from experts or hire an organizer to help you in cleaning up your cupboards, bookshelves, and rooms. Whittling or reducing down what is around you will help clean up and avoid more cluttering in the future.

Then try mixing horizontal stacks of your books among the vertical rows with decorative objects like vases or bowls. You can even put in figurines or action figures if you want.

Simplicity is Beauty

It’s always beautiful and nice to wake up to a good view outside your window. If a lack of scenery isn’t going to be a big issue, try to place your bed in the right position to take advantage of the view.

The Juno Beach Residence by Krista+Home Design

You must also consider all the things that you that you want in your bedroom like benches, tables or chairs. Try to put task lighting bedside your bed. It’s a good idea to put lampshades on tables.

Although it is not necessary to match all your furniture, it’s a good idea to use a neutral palette. Even if art can add beauty to your space, always remember to keep it simple all the time. You can also put a rug near your bed for to add softness on your feet when you wake up from the bed.

Layers of lighting

Your dining room should always have ample lighting. Having just one focal lighting installation would not have the same impact as having several layers of light. Experts always try to build layers of lighting to make an intriguing and compelling point when it comes to centerpieces.

Courtesy Kichler Lighting

If your room doesn’t have adequate lighting, nothing will stand out. Having ambient lights and picking out a focal point is an excellent way to highlight such features. That includes general lighting and lower lighting which gives a more exciting view for onlookers.

Accessorize Your Home

Always make sure that the materials which you are using in your room are in excellent condition and unique. It would also be possible updating your modern living room by keeping a different neutral color paint and accessories from each season. Improving or updating your room can help you create a fresher and peaceful look.

If you are still not contented with these tips, try visiting sites like Deal Wiki to inquire some things that you want for your home.

Organizing Your Place

Courtesy the highstreet stylist

To relieve stress in organizing your place, you need to be careful in deciding where your storage is to provide you a much safer and efficient space for your valuables. The surface of your desk will serve as a support for lighting and and your personal decorations. Having a clutter-free space enables  you to work efficiently.


If you want a satisfying upgrade to your home, home designing is one of the most excellent ways to transform your home into a great and enjoyable place.

Although designing and making your house look good isn’t easy, anyone can easily have DIY projects just by doing research. Consider the tips in this article as a foundation for developing your creativity when it comes to decorating and designing your home.

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