View of the living area in Contemporary home interior design

A Glimpse Into This Cohesive Nigerian Home Interior Design By XO Living

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  • Designer: XO Living
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Location: Nigeria

Lagos-based interior designer, XO Living created a contemporary home interior design. This design theme extends from the ante-room to the primary living area, and the dining space to the family living room. The chosen color scheme fosters a cohesive and visually pleasing design concept.

The main living area serves as the central space in the home. It features an open concept with a double-volume sitting area that transitions into the dining area. A brown see-through curved partition separates the two spaces. The tile layout also guides furniture placement, promoting order and organization.

View of the living area in Contemporary home interior design
Cohesive home interior design by XO Living.

Creating a harmonious space is like composing a symphony of colors. Each element, from furniture to fittings, contributes to the overall aesthetic of the space. Our design seamlessly blends harmonious shades of beige, anchored by warm wood tones against airy white walls. It’s a space carefully curated to radiate tranquility.


To welcome you into the living area, an anteroom provides an elegant entryway. This space is characterized by a combination of white and black, with a refreshing addition of green from an indoor plant. Modern-classic wall and ceiling designs contribute to the overall ambiance. Blinds cover the window, offering privacy and control over natural light. An eye-catching black figure art piece adorns the wall, creating a striking contrast with the white bench opposite it. The console, crafted from materials matching the floor tiles, maintains a sense of harmony within the home interior design.

For this home interior design, XO Living introduced a dark grey sectional sofa, strategically placed opposite the TV wall. This wall acts as a central focal point with its textured dark grey backdrop, wooden backboard, and console. A modern tiered chandelier suspended in the center of the living area illuminates the space, working in conjunction with cool ceiling lights to create a well-lit and visually connected living area.

Tiered Chandelier in Contemporary home interior design
Modern tiered chandelier.
Ceiling in double volume living area in Contemporary home interior design
Decorative Ceiling detail by XO Living.

Additional furniture in the living area includes a mustard yellow concept single sofa accompanied by an artsy side table, infusing a burst of color into the neutral palette. On the opposite side of the room, between two double-length windows, an amorphous mirror with a brown frame complements an off-white bench. An amorphous coffee table sits on an area rug, offering an interplay of shapes and forms.

View of the living area in Contemporary home interior design

Beneath the stairs, a dedicated wine bar area showcases a unique storage system. Furnished with a black and white checkered single sofa and a two-tier side table, this space embraces the design theme of the home interior design. A striking dark figure wall art piece also adds to the overall sophistication.

The dining area is characterized by its simplicity. It features a six-seater off-white dining table accompanied by beige dining chairs. This arrangement sits atop an area rug, establishing a distinct dining space within the open concept living area. Neutral colors harmonize with the rest of the space, ensuring a seamless transition.

See through divider in Contemporary home interior design
See-through curved divider
Dining area showing curved partition in Contemporary home interior design

XO Living extends this cohesive home interior design concept to the family living room. The family living room mirrors the main living area’s design. It includes a brown two-seater sofa with beige ottoman stools. The TV wall features a symmetrical design with underlit open shelves and a marble base. A glass-topped center table with a golden base sits on an area rug. In the common lobby, a wooden modern love seat complements two wall picture frames.

Wooden love seat in family living room in Contemporary home interior design
Wooden love seat in lobby.
Top view of Living area in in Contemporary home interior design

With a focus on colors, shapes, and unique design elements, XO Living created a home interior design that is cohesive and has a contemporary theme.

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