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(UPDATE: By popular demand, we’ve attached some links to other container architecture projects we’ve featured on our site to give better understanding of just what could be achieved using containers. See at end of post)

Thanks to Tempo Housing Nigeria (THN), an arm of the Netherland based Tempo Housing Global (THG) and a leading Nigeria based project developer, your seemingly ‘ordinary’ standard ISO shipping containers can be used to construct a home on a shoe string budget of N2 000 000.


They use a technology pioneered in Amsterdam and tailor the solution to the housing crisis in Nigeria and West Africa. THN services include provision of permanent and deployable residential housing, campsite accommodation, offices, residential and commercial housing, clinics, convenience, parks etc.

The available ranges of cost and structures,are as follows:

Studio/1 bedroom – N2 000 000 – N2 500 000

2 bedroom flat / bungalow – N3 500 000 – N4 500 000

3bedroom flat / bungalow – N5 000 000 – N6 500 000

3 bedroom terrace – N7 000 000 – N8 500 000

Construction costs range from N50 000 – N75 000 per sqm depending on final specification and finishes.


You can get in touch with Tempo Housing Nigeria via

Email: info@tempohousingnigeria.com, officenigeria@tempohousing.com

Mobile: +234 816 287 2870, +234 908 206 5362


tempo-housing-6 tempo-housing-7


Now here are some popular container architecture projects from around the world, that would help shed some light on what can be achieved with shipping containers.

First is our personal favourite, which was developed by TempoHousing Global…

For more, you can go here.

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