This Children’s Library in Mexico by Anagrama Features Distinctive Book Shelves that Double as Colourful Benches

Designed by Monterrey-based Anagrama, this playful and unconventional children’s library rejuvenates an old warehouse-like building from the 1900’s, which now serves as the Regional Council for Culture and Art for the Mexican State of Nuevo Leon, or, to put it simply, ‘Conarte’.

The warehouse (an untouchable heritage site) is located in Fundidora Park, at the heart of the mountainous Monterrey (Mexico’s third largest city and capital of Nuevo Leon). Anagrama’s design for the children’s library needed to consider the “untouchable” nature of the warehouse but also needed to be engaging and encourage children to read and learn.
To this end, they created multi-purpose, asymmetrical reading platforms meant to simulate the aforementioned mountainous topography of Monterrey. The platforms double as storage for books and a dynamic space for children to sit and read. They are covered in soft carpeting which also allows the children climb, roll, jump and have a whole lot of fun while learning. The use of bright accent colours contrasts with the “antique, industrial building” and does well to liven up the space and encourage imagination in a cheerful and unique way.

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