Inside the Afrocentric Bogobiri House in Lagos by Tola Akerele’s IDesign

Bogobiri House is an African-themed or Afrocentric boutique hotel and restaurant in Ikoyi, Lagos, that has over the last decade, evolved into a dynamic cultural center championing the promotion and appreciation of art, music and knowledge of indigenous culture while capturing the imaginations of local visitors and international travelers.

Why Bogobiri? One gets the sense that this accomplishment was not by chance as the name “Bogobiri” refers to the ancient birthplace of Uthman dan Fodio- a place where scholarly and artistic knowledge is said to have spread like wild fire through Northern Nigeria. It is also the name of a popular district in Port Harcourt where people from all over Africa converge and where the saying “there are no strangers in Bogobiri” was born.

As their website suggests, “Bogobiri House is much more than a sixteen room boutique hotel” as it offers guests and visitors a unique opportunity to interface with the creative soul of Africa’s most vibrant city. A report by the Vanguard newspaper from 2013, corroborates this assertion,

Bogobiri has, without support from any foundation or government, transformed the cultural landscape and imagination of thousands of local and international visitors to Lagos. Today, it has developed into a unique conduit for Nigerian art, music, food, film and drama.

Inside Bogobiri

Right from the gate and fence, Bogobiri greets you with motifs and sculpture, that escort you into the property. From chiseled stone statues to steel sculptures, to bamboo furniture and much more, theres something to engage your senses at every turn, both on the outside and inside of the hotel.

Bogobiri House was more than a small boutique hotel. It was about creating a first ever hotel that celebrated Nigerian culture and art through design. What would a locally inspired bedroom and bathroom look like? How can we define our own design and style ethic as Nigerians? Local artisans were used at every turn, from the shell walled bathroom to the handcrafted furniture.


The hotel or ‘house’ is made up of two buildings, each housing a restaurant and a set of guest rooms. The furnishing and interiors of the restaurant consists mainly of artistic and rustic ornament and furniture, including chairs, cushioned benches, sofas, tables and stools with heavy sculptures of African reliefs and patterns and made from a mix of raw timber, straw, jute, rocks and leather materials sourced from within the country. There are also bars, an art gallery and corners for live jazz bands within the restaurants.

The Foyer/Reception/Bar


The Guest Rooms

The Gallery/Studio

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