Emmanuelle Moureaux Vibrant Branch for Sugamo Shinkin Bank

Like other Sugamo Shinkin Bank branches, this one is not one to go unnoticed. Designed by Emmanuel Moureaux, the bank facade is covered with elevated cubes recessed at varied depths and finished with their signature white and bright colors.

Some of the cubes carry seasonal plants that filter sunlight entering the window into the interior. The elevated cubes continue into the interior, carrying plants like those outside and reducing direct sunlight from the windows. The same color palette of white and bright colors where used inside. The design, leaves one with a beautiful experience of light, colors and warmth that is sure to last. And for a bank, color use like this is not typical, we find this absolutely refreshing.



emmanuelle-moureaux-sugamo-shinkin-bank-nakaaoki-branch-japan-designboom-07 emmanuelle-moureaux-sugamo-shinkin-bank-nakaaoki-branch-japan-designboom-06emmanuelle-moureaux-sugamo-shinkin-bank-nakaaoki-branch-japan-designboom-08

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