Design by C.Williams Showcases Stylish Bedroom Decor in Lagos Home

Lagos based interior design firm, Design by C.Williams, offers a cozy, contemporary aesthetic with this bedroom, pairing dark tones with bright walls and natural light.

The stylish bedroom decor features a queen size bed flanked by dark bedside tables and a set of sculptural, twin, bedside lamps. The bed features a padded, upholstered headboard which follows through to the bed frame. The tones of the bed and bedside tables introduce the dark tones to contrast the bright nature of the room.

A small sculpture and a picture frame introduce some art into the space to complete the composition. A floor rug with a geometric pattern helps soften the space while the faux wood panels of the adjacent built in wardrobe serve as an accent wall of sorts. The placement and use of interior lighting also lends itself to practicality and function ensuring that the room can suite any mood or requirement.

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