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Taiwanese designers Yen-wei Chang and Yiwen Su, worked together to design and create the HUG Chair, a small chair for a child that was inspired by mountains and tree branches, with the green cushion symbolizing the fertile land.




The first step in making the chair, is to glue thin sheets of plywood onto a form that represents the shape of the chair frame. After being clamped onto the form, and allowed to dry, the laminated pieces of plywood will hold their shape and can be removed from the form.3



Create a pattern for the cut-out shapes, then transfer the pattern onto the wood frame and cut out.456


After the frame of the chair has had all of the shapes cut out and sanded, the designers then apply a finishing coat to the wood to protect it.7 8


The Tatami (which is a type of mat typically used for flooring in Japanese style rooms[wikipedia]) is cut and then upholstered to create the cushion. After that, everything is put together to create the final product.9 10


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