A Waterless Toilet: Laveo by Dry Flush

Imagine the WC, that white porcelain stoop that sits in every home of today’s civilized society, consuming almost 30% of water in most households. Imagine it, not consuming water, imagine not using water at all.

Now while that may be a scary and possibly make you want to barf thanks to the images that have just flashed through your mind, it is in fact already in existence. The Toilet that makes use of neither water or chemicals. Also touted as “The Easiest Toilet To Clean Ever!” May I present, the Laveo™ by Dry Flush, the (purported) 100% odorless toilet that can go anywhere!

This product is the brain child of two engineers who saw the need for this kind of technology in areas with little to no water or electricity. Its Portable, Lightweight and can be used literally anywhere as the unit requires no plumbing or electrical connection.


According to the manufacturers, here’s how it works, Every time you “flush,” the “bowl” is collapsed and a twist is formed in the continuous feed of material above the waste, effectively wrapping it, and holding it sealed in the bottom of the container. This patented process of sealing off the waste in barrier material ensures there is nothing to see and nothing to smell! Once the cycle is complete a new bowl is formed from the bagging material and the Laveo Dry-Flush is ready to use again in less than 30 seconds!

If you’re curious to know details about the functionality, go here.

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