Black and White Patterned Floor Idea Using Linoleum Tiles

Using Linoleum tiles is kind of dated in Nigeria, and probably some other parts of the world ~ something we will probably refer to as old school.

However, seeing how this black and white linoleum floor was used to transform this laundry space, might very well change your mind. As opposed to the usual checker-board pattern which they could have easily created with the black and white square tiles, they slashed the tiles diagonally to create right-angled triangles.
Combining the patterned floor with the yellow wall and white siding keeps the space looking very clean, sophisticated and inviting; and to think that was the same floor they joked about taking tetanus shots before stepping on.

P.s, Please take note of the flower pot/bag by the side of the green sink~  “eccentric”

Cutting the tiles~

They created a pictorial of different tile arrangements ~

And chose the one below~
I admire the thought and effort that went into this project and I think it was worth it. This is what it looked like on completion ~
The flower pot I was talking about.
Watch the very short video on how they did it, you’ll love it.
Follow this link for more info on how to go about a project like this.
{Pictures are courtesy of ‘a beautiful mess’}
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