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Toiletation: H&P Architect’s Bamboo-Supported Toilet in Rural Vietnam

‘Toiletation 2’ continues from H&P architect‘s project constructed back in 2014 which featured a bamboo-crafted structure containing a toilet and wash area.

The scheme has been taken further, with the improvement of the amenities, increase in size, number of equipment, all the while focusing on a more holistic approach to achieve the standards of vietnam’s national ministry of health

TOILETATION 1 COMPLETED IN 2014bamboo-toilet_09hp-architects

Sponsored by Unicef Vietnam, the project aims to meet the sanitation and washing needs for over 300 Ta Ma primary school pupils in Ta Ma commune – a commune in special difficulties and water scarcity in Tuan Giao district, Dien Bien province.

H&P architects uses a similar design where the structure lightly touches the ground with a layer of vegatation on four sides. topped with a corrugated roof and held down by bamboo braces, each side is integrated with vegetation. this layer of greenery regulates the internal climate, encourages the growth of plants for food and distinguishes a boundary between inside and outside. the form is constructed using locally-sourced materials and utilizes simple construction methods that allows ease of maintenance in the future. furthermore, the scheme is powered by solar panels for electricity, whilst greywater is harvested for cleaning and gardening purposes.

toilet-plans_03hp-architects toilet-plans_05hp-architects toilet-plans_04hp-architects toilet-plans_01hp-architects toilet-plans_02hp-architects


bamboo-toilet_01hp-architects bamboo-toilet_10hp-architectsbamboo-toilet_08hp-architects bamboo-toilet_07hp-architects bamboo-toilet_06hp-architects bamboo-toilet_05hp-architects bamboo-toilet_04hp-architects bamboo-toilet_03hp-architects bamboo-toilet_02hp-architects

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