Luxury by the Bay: Kasaba Bay Resort in Zambia by Loxodrome

A modern, ‘cutting edge’ design scheme nestled in Zambia’s Nsumbo National Park by Kasaba Bay. Designed by Loxodrome, a design and innovation company based in the Netherlands, this is the KASABA BAY RESORT – An exclusive tropical getaway, that employs sustainable design principles and technology to deliver an unparelleled hospitality experience.

Like I mentioned earlier, the design scheme is very ‘cutting-edge’ with distinctive angular geometry that creates a peculiar character for the entirety of the development which feels very modern and edgy. Here’s a description of the project from Loxodrome, A 50 unit resort on the coastline of the Inangu Peninsula, north of the NsuIt‘s with no doubt that the awareness and the interest of the modern-day holidaymakers worldwide has changed a lot over the past decennia. Lately, we have seen a rapid increase in 4 and 5 star luxury hotels and resorts, located at exclusive spots all over the globe.

Wildlife safari’s and animal watching are a major growing tourist industry. Eco-tourism and green holidays, adventure holidays and expeditions as well as visits to culturally diverse locations are receiving a strong interest from the high-end holiday consineur.
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In recent history, people’s awareness for personal health and fitness has increased greatly. We have seen that the fitness centers and aerobic-classes grew like mushrooms all over the world, followed by the development of spa’s and beauty treatments for the pleasure and well being of the millions of customers all over the world at their home destination and at holiday destinations. The awareness of “global warming” and the need to treasure nature has made “the green label” one of the strongest marketing tools for modern day businesses.

For the 1st phase of the Kasaba Bay Resort, 5 cornerstone elements have been identified as the basis of the projects concept.

  1. High-end, 5 star luxury accommodation
  2. Wildlife and animal watching in a superior setting
  3. Exclusive spa and beauty facilities
  4. Breeam.UK certification
  5. Socio-economic development of the communities kasaba_bay14 kasaba_bay13 kasaba_bay18 101920x1080 111920x1080

The concept and philosophy of the project will be in accordance as set by the principals and the design team as well as the Zambia Wildlife Authority.

The product will be a unique, certified contemporary resort that has no equal in the world.

It will contain 50 villas with all associated high-end facilities and a very high international standard of services as described in next paragraph 3, Resort & Services.

The visiting guests will enjoy a unique resort holiday with relaxation, personal interests and nature activities. Wildlife safaris, cultural tours and day and night entertainment of a variety of choice.

The in-house product will be completed with various all-inclusive services and ad- values for a unique Nsumbu National Park safari and exploring the Lake Tanganyika.

Wellness, healthy spa-treatments and the use of the complete range of health and beauty products, will be offered by the Kasaba Bay Resort.

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