A Hybrid Container Home in Argentina by Arc. José Schreiber

Off the beaten path in San Francisco, Argentina, is a hybrid Container House designed by Arc. José Schreiber. The home makes use of two 40ft containers as well as traditional construction methodologies to create a contemporary getaway from the city center as well as a fairly flexible and versatile space.

Two containers are placed in an “L”, ordering the ground floor which contains all services – Main entrance, kitchen and pantry in 1 container, Laundry, bath, fireplace, workshop and warehouse in the other. A large living area exists in the gap between the two containers, just beside a 2 car parking area. Going up the stairs to the first floor, we find a conventionally constructed volume that sits atop the containers, housing the private bedroom and bathroom.

The interiors are fitted with polyurethane foam, the ceilings are painted with latex, vertical walls are lined with plasterboard, hiding installations. The floors are of smooth cement, accompanying the spatial continuity of the house.

The configuration of the spaces maximises natural light and ventilation as well without sacrificing privacy, thanks to the “blind facade” on the South and West Orientations, and the openness of the spaces to the large courtyard, creating a seamless flow from inside to outside.

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