If you though curtains or blinds were the only way to shield windows, think again. Takeshi Shikauchi Architects of Japan, designed shelving to not only cater to storage but also act as a screen or ‘curtain’ offering privacy to the interior space. Laid out in a checkerboard pattern, the shelves become an integral part of the space almost like a wall behind the large windows, while offering optimal space management. From the inside, the arrangement offers a unique aesthetic to the rooms within the building and from the outside, it lends its self as a defining element of the building facade.

window-shelving-idea-save-space-and-get-privacy-1-thumb-1400xauto-53680 Picture1 Picture2 window-shelving-idea-save-space-and-get-privacy-2-thumb-1400xauto-53682 window-shelving-idea-save-space-and-get-privacy-3-thumb-1400xauto-53684 window-shelving-idea-save-space-and-get-privacy-4-thumb-1400xauto-53686

[via trendir]

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