Inside The Nest: A Detailed Look At The Interior Design Scheme 2 For Nest Homes Lekki-Abijo 4 Bedroom + 1B.Q. Semi-Detached Home

The Nest Homes Lekki-Abijo is a brand New project located just off the Lekki-Epe expressway, 5 minutes from Novare Mall Sangotedo, Lekki.

Sitting on over 12,000 sqm, the development features five (5) unique homes types that are sure to suit the spatial and housing needs for YOU and Family. In this article, we take a detailed, inside look at the second interior design scheme of the Thrive – Nest Homes Lekki-Abijo’s 4 Bedroom + 1 B.Q. semi-detached home.

Inside the Thrive: A modern 4 bedroom + 1B.Q. semi-detached home. (Design Scheme 2)

Luxury is not just about aesthetics, but about comfort too. It is not every day we see an exquisitely designed interior space that uses reserved colours and shades in its taste, and yet still hold enough visual interest while ultimately delivering great comfort to the user. This is exactly what our design team has been able to achieve in the Thrive Scheme 2 series. From the choice of colours and textures to the interrelationship between the elements in the spaces, this home is one that would peak the excitement of any homeowner. Even the kids’ room is not left out; the spatial grandeur of the room alone is enough to raise curious eyebrows about how so much could fit into one home! There’s nothing quite like it!

From the accent leather sofas of the living room on the ground floor to the warm coziness of the children’s bedroom on the upper floor, the concept for this design scheme resonates with the same attribute which echoes the word – COMFORT!


The 3-dimensional imagery shows the absolute brilliance of what we have done with the space. Here, the view shows the entry into this beautiful home and finding oneself in the simple, but tasteful ante room. Right behind the user, in an obscure position is the visitor’s toilet. You can hardly tell it’s there! And that’s what we’re going for – a space that cleverly keeps private business away from prying eyes. It’s just brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!

Take a look at the recently completed Thomas Terraces by The Nest Homes.

A deeper exploration into this beautiful home finds you in the robust living area, which spills elegantly into a dining area. The staircase is within a few strides from there. But what absolutely takes the cake on this floor is the kitchen! It’s generous and the layout brilliantly thought-out. It comes complete with a laundry niche, lavish storage spaces and a mini-breakfast bar that can double as a place to sip a glass of wine or two with the occasional guest.  Seeing the pictures of the kitchen (as seen below) can absolutely make anyone fall in love!

The two bedrooms on this floor (guest and maid’s room) alongside the living room with dining and the large kitchen, maximum space utilization is achieved without compromise on functionality especially in the open plan arrangement of the kitchen/dining. The breakfast nook on the way to the kitchen with two bar stools can also serve for casual dining.


Climbing up the stairs finds you in the upper floor spaces with an abundance of elegant furniture and decor resulting in vibrant spaces which are lively and yet relaxing. In consistency with the lower floor, there is an undeniable balance between beauty and functionality on this floor. A box room has even been located right opposite the family lounge area to help keep everything organized!

Appreciating the wonderful interior design on the ground floor, the TV wall with black and wood console assembly makes for a never-boring feature wall; the adjacent wall niche with display wooden shelves keeps the living room classy and inviting. The ceiling design with spotlights is a neat and conservative arrangement, and further contributes to the balance of the space. The modern and unassuming planter in the corner goes on to express the homeowners love for simplicity and tasteful design.

The dining area flows into the kitchen with minimum barrier and beside the mini-breakfast nook. The deep chocolate accent wall of the dining area warms up the space and the cream dining chairs offer a good visual contrast.

Oh la la! Now comes the kitchen! The kitchen (on the right picture) is efficiency at its finest with the U-layout leaving everything within reach, it is a chef’s dream realized! Dynamism is then suddenly introduced into the space with the sharp chamfer right above the mini-breakfast nook. The choice of colour for the cabinetry is one that we’re highly proud of. The way the white is complemented beautifully by the silver edges of the cabinets – this kitchen has to offer a 5-star dining experience! Even Chef Gordon Ramsay must have something nice to say about this kitchen space!

This white kitchen is elegant and exemplifies refinement. The slightly patterned greyish floor which matches the wall tiles/backsplash helps to liven up the space while still maintaining its minimalist character. Just look at this beauty!

The whimsical style of this master bedroom makes it a place of retreat and recuperation. The chocolate ottoman is a feature piece that goes with the plush textured rug (which gives an island feel around the bed). Extra storage spaces abound in this space – the TV wall cabinet, the wall recess finished in white (above the bed head) and the open shelved wall unit just at the end of a wall.

Bold monochrome art decor is the theme and is carried across in different locations – on walls and in open shelves for display. The white and wood cabinets break the monotony and adds character.

The Master Bathroom decor evokes a pampered decadent feeling and the white subtle look is embellished with sections of greyish brown wall tiles around the shower area; the wood shelving of parts of the wash hand basin unit is the perfect icing!

A teenager’s room should be a reflection of their personality and a space where they can feel comfortable, safe, and inspired. For teens or pre-teens sharing a room, the bedroom above is ideal.  It is colourful and replete with personalized spaces. The lemon twin beds are sizeable and comfortable while the sleek desk area is ideal for studying.

The double wardrobe and bookcase units ensure that boundaries and respect of property is maintained; a little personalization goes a long way in creating a safe space for teens where they’ll actually want to be. The flowy white curtains are similar to ones found in 5-star resorts – all dreamy and luxe!

The bedroom on the right is compact in size which made the use of smart storage spaces (they blend into the wall planes with little obstructions), a good idea. The white feature cabinet with the mirror front (facing the bed) and the white wall hung bookcase further emphasizes the sense of space.

This THRIVE scheme 2 home is one that our design team has put a lot of thought into. It accurately illustrates how comfort and functionality can work together to become one unified and unstoppable union! 

There are more than a handful of things to love about this Scheme. We are quite sure you agree!

Rendering of a Thrive unit – 4 bedroom + 1 B.Q. semi-detached home.

With tastefully crafted design schemes, we give an idea of the enjoyable living experience that can be had in any of our contemporary homes, based on your style and preference. If you would like to own this home, register here to get an exclusive offer.

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