View of The Yolo Island By Realtecture

Yolo Island: Distinctive Tropical Beach House by Realtecture Is Now Open

The Yolo Island Beach House by Realtecture has been completed and is now open to the public. It is a noteworthy addition to the unique scape of architectural structures done in Nigeria by Nigerian architects.

The project was first announced on their Instagram page last year as a proposed beach house that will transport guests into a realm of serenity that beckons them to rediscover their inner rhythm and reconnect with their true self.

Alongside rendered images of the proposed beach house they also explain that their intention is to redefine the concept of relaxation, providing a spiritual and rejuvenating experience unlike any other. Yolo Island includes luxury chalets for guests, swimming pools (including a bean-shaped kids’ pool), sporting activities, a cinema and interestingly, a helipad.

View of The Yolo Island By Realtecture
Image credit: Rubys Polaroid.

What Realtecture has tried to do is to design a functional beach house that not only meets the special hospitality needs of guests in general but with a distinct aesthetic, promote Nigeria architectural designs.

Outside the unique experience the operations of this beach house promises to provide, the general aesthetic of the structure itself also adds to the experience of the guests as it contributes to the vibe that elevates a typical tropical beach experience.

It has now been completed and had its soft opening on the 5th of November. As a beach house described by the designers as a place made in Nigeria by Nigerians for the world, we look forward to the global lengths Yolo island beach house takes Nigerian architecture to.

View of The Yolo Island By Realtecture
View of The Yolo Island By Realtecture
Construction stage of The Yolo Island By Realtecture
Bean-shaped kids’ pool
Construction stage of The Yolo Island By Realtecture
Images of beach house during construction.

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