Introducing Breathaboard – A Natural, High Performance Alternative to Traditional Plasterboard

Made of agricultural waste, it is a drop-in replacement that stores carbon dioxide.

UK based bio-technology company Adaptavate have designed Breathaboard- a scalable, carbon sequestering alternative to plasterboard, one of the most widely used building products used globally.

They recently announced securing an investment of £2.16 million to scale production of their innovative carbon absorbing product.

This funding will allow Adaptavate to build a world first pilot production line, enhance research & development lab facilities and teams and complete testing and licencing programmes for Breathaboard.

The investment round was led by Low Carbon Innovation Fund 2 (LCIF2) and Counteract, the world’s first early stage Carbon Removal investor. Several climate focused funds including Perivoli Innovations and One Planet Capital also participated, alongside well known figureheads from the construction industry. Adaptavate have also secured a grant from Innovate UK in excess of £800,000.

This strong consortium of climate investors comes together to accelerate carbon removal through one of the few carbon utilisation pathways capable of durable sequestration in the gigatons of CO2e by mid-century – construction.

“This investment will enable us to revolutionise the way construction materials are made without forcing any change on end users. We’re using industrial carbon absorbing processes to produce a healthier, high performance product that is better for the health of people and planet and a genuine drop-in replacement for gypsum plasterboard. It’s a fundamental re-think and re-design of the current system and we are excited to scale this approach around the world”. 

Tom Robinson, Managing Director and Founder of Adaptavate

Why Breathaboard?

  • Anti-Mould

Unlike drylining board alternatives, Breathaboard passively regulates the moisture in the internal space through its breathability and moisture buffering capabilities. Reducing pollutants in the air, the likelihood of condensation and mould or mildew occurring and occupant health problems such as Asthma.

  • 100% Sustainable

All components are natural and sustainable. Breathaboard is completely biodegradable and non-toxic and the waste or off-cuts can even be used as a fertiliser!

  • Fire-resistant

Breathaboard is fire retardant.

  • Multi-Purpose

Can be used on walls, ceilings and floors in any room in the house.

  • Acoustic insulation

Reduction in noise transfer in comparison to plasterboard.

  • Totally compostable

No wastage and no fee for disposal of waste.

  • Hassle-Free Installation

Installed in exactly the same way as plasterboard, only lighter weight.

  • Lower Fuel Bills

The insulating properties of Breathaboard provide a superior thermal performance compared to alternatives.

About Adaptavate

Adaptavate is fundamentally  re-thinking and re-designing the way building materials are made for the mainstream construction industry. They develop and commercialise industrial processes to make carbon absorbing construction products that are drop-in to standard materials like plasterboard and plaster. The combination between large scale industrial processes and widely used products results in the potential for significant carbon removal on a global scale.

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