How This Scandinavian Company is Using Artificial Intelligence to Enable Better, Faster and More Sustainable Urban Design

Spacemaker is a platform that gives architects, real estate developers and designers the automation superpower to test design concepts in minutes and explore the best urban design options. It uses cloud-based, AI-powered generative design to help professionals make better early-stage design decisions.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Spacemaker offers experts opportunities for sustainability from the start, helping them maximize their clients’ long-term property investments. Acquired recently by Autodesk, the platform introduces a “powerful tool to drive modern, user-centric automation – powered by AI – and accelerate outcome-based design capabilities for architects”. Giving designers the ability to create and test urban design ideas in minutes, Spacemaker is a tool that can rapidly create and evaluate options for a building or urban development.

Our values are always reflected in the business decisions we make. The acquisition of Spacemaker demonstrates our commitment to the advancement of architects and the ability of designers to change the world for the better. Paired with our teams and complementary technology, Spacemaker’s transformational solution will empower designers to make more informed design decisions and help solve some of the greatest challenges ahead of us all.

Amy Bunszel, Senior Vice President for AEC Design Solutions at Autodesk.

A lesson in the power of insights and automation, according to Andrew Anagnost, CEO and President of Autodesk, the platform “offers a fundamental shift in how we imagine and build cities to keep people and the planet healthy”. Making speed of design and sustainability in urban planning a priority, Spacemaker enables users to quickly generate, optimize, and iterate on design alternatives, all while considering design criteria and data like terrain, maps, wind, lighting, traffic, zoning, with the help of artificial intelligence. Utilizing the full potential of the site from the start, it allows designers to focus on the creative part of their professional work.

Spacemaker founders, Carl Christensen, Havard Haukeland, Anders Kvale

Four years ago, we set out on a mission to help design, engineering, and project teams reinvent the development of more sustainable cities and neighborhoods worldwide while maximizing the investment. Autodesk shares our goal to create a healthier planet for everyone and is uniquely positioned to more rapidly place our product in the hands of planning teams everywhere. This is a proud milestone for our team and those who supported us from the start.

Havard Haukeland, CEO and co-founder of Spacemaker.
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