The ABT bedroom decor project in Ghana - by Ghanaian Interior Designer, Mina Evans

The ABT Bedroom Decor Project by Ghanian Interior Designer Mina Evans

The ABT project is a bedroom styling project with a laidback style and timeless appeal. It layers decor elements over white walls in symmetry and style.

Ghanaian interior designer, Mina Evans Studio creates a relaxed bedroom experience in this bedroom decor project in ghana. Over a foundation of white walls, the interior designer layers a relaxing mix of neutral tones, natural textures and colour. The result is a relaxed bedroom decor that is inviting and stylish.

The central focus of the bedroom is created at the sleeping area – where symmetry and style are at play. A leaf green palette is chosen for the bed. This uncommon choice of colour creates a bold look, complemented by the symmetrical side tables, table lamps and strips of wood.

Four equal-sized artworks with wood frames hang on the wall behind the bed. They feature a monochrome floral theme, continuing the use of natural elements and style in the space. The floral-themed artworks soften the space and create a sense of balance and cohesion in the sleeping area, as well as in other parts of the room.

The ABT bedroom decor project in Ghana - by Ghanaian Interior Designer, Mina Evans
Textured detail of the twin bedside table lamp and other decorations and accessories.

Adjacent to the bed is the symmetrical dresser and storage. The dresser balances and fills the space. It’s complemented by neutral tones and metallics – the beige curtain, throw, gold decorations and other accessories. Just like on the bedside tables, the indoor plants in the dresser elevate the natural theme of the bedroom decor. It’s refreshing.

Watch the short video tour of the ABT Project’s bedroom decor below;

Some bedroom decor details

Whether it’s the choice of natural wood for the furniture, the bold green bed, or the gold metallic accessories and textured decorations, Mina Evans successfully balances all elements at play in a sophisticated and stylish way. Nothing is over the top, everything compliments each other.

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