Step Inside An Energy Efficient, Sustainable 6 Bedroom Smart Home in Lagos Assembled in Just 80 Hours by 12 People

In this video by Nigerian Filmmaker/YouTuber, Steven Ndukwu, we get an indepth look at a model 6 bedroom house which was assembled in a little over 2 days along with an array of smart home and green energy systems.

The model home is the product of SGEL, an international company with more than 20 years of design and construction experience in China and Australia. The Group is committed to building a green and energy efficient, smart home typology for the African continent with Nigeria as a starting point. The model smart home, which is located on Plot 1, Road 10, Victory Park Estate was constructed using light gauge steel as the main structure and a stone composite cladding for the exterior and interior walls. The smart home also features an array of sustainable home technologies including:

  • solar power,
  • a water purification system that converts reticulated water into drinkable, potable water
  • a recyclable sewage treatment system that converts sewage into clean water for outdoor, non-potable use
  • a range of smart home systems, including smart locks, smart lighting, smart sanitary fittings and even smart cooking.

Watch the full video above to see more about the innovative home.

Rendering of Model Home (Courtesy SGEL)
Model Home Under Construction (Courtesy SGEL)
The Final Build (Courtesy Steven Ndukwu)
The Final Build at Dusk (Courtesy SGEL)
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