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Safdie Architects unveil their design for Quorner, a fractalized residential tower in Quito, Ecuador

As seen on archdaily, Safdie Architects have released their design for ‘Quorner’, a new residential tower to be built in Quito, Ecuador.

The 24-storey structure, a collaboration with Ecuadorean construction firm Uribe & Schwarzkopf, is to be one of Quito’s tallest buildings and Safdie’s first in Ecuador. The project occupies a small site adjacent to the city’s La Carolina park, and stacks staggered residential units to create both indoor and outdoor private spaces. The north facade features a cascading green wall that visually connects the building to the neighboring park.

The “fractalized” tower is topped with an outdoor pool, offering views out to the city and a shared gathering space for residents of the tower.

“We pride ourselves on developing projects unique to the place and program, and at the same time, incorporating principles that have long guided our work,…While our projects around the world are diverse, our principles remain steadfast for each one: access to green space, the maximization of daylight and views in each dwelling, and fostering a sense of a ‘vertical neighborhood’ wherein each apartment forms part of a greater whole.”

– Moshe Safdie


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