On Site: Watch Episode 4 of RED TV’s “Interiors by Design”

This week on interiors by design, the contestants paid a visit to a building site still very much under construction.

They toured two buildings on the site- one at it’s fitting-out phase with services still exposed and the other, semi-finished with services covered. The contestants were able to relate both buildings in a before/after kind of way and gain valuable insights such as, the relation of a grip line to interior design, the reference line and its importance in placing switches and sockets. They ended the site visit by taking a tour of the finished sample apartment. The contestants were able to relate what they had seen in the uncompleted apartments to the finished one. The bathroom is pretty sophisticated.

This episode’s challenge was rather unexpected, and took one of them “back to the drawing board”. Watch, learn  and enjoy!

In case you’re just catching on to the show, you can watch the previous episodes here.

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