Rethinking The Modern Day Bathroom: An Insightful Look at Our Modern Day Bathrooms

I came across an interesting article on the guardian (no, not the Nigerian one) by Lloyd Alter (managing editor of treehugger). Its over a year old, but still very relevant with regard to how we should be thinking of shaping the future, particularly the future of our bathrooms.

Titled “Why the modern bathroom is a wasteful, unhealthy design“, the article chronicles the history of our iconic wet space focusing on the two most prominent parts therein- the toilet (or WC if you will) and the bath (or shower). He highlights the “waste and inefficiency” of our current bathrooms, showing how bad they were originally, and how bad was made,….. less bad. He also points to the Japanese as folks we should emulate with regard to bath design and efficient water use, which is something I believe we’ve shared before. A nice quote from the article says,

In a world where we are running out of fresh water, making artificial fertilizer from fossil fuels and approaching peak phosphorus, it is idiotic and almost criminal that we pay huge amounts in taxes to use drinking water to flush away our personal fertilizer and phosphorus and dump it in the ocean. In the future, they should be paying us.

Heres the full article.

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