Inside Six Emerging African Architecture Studios in Lagos (Part 6)- MOE+ Art Architecture.

Femi Olaiya – a renowned UK-based architectural photographer shares with us an exclusive look at his images capturing the studio experience of six emerging African architecture practices shaping the urban fabric of the city of Lagos. In this sixth and final edition of the series, we get an inside look at MOE+ Art Architecture.

  • no of staff : 15
  • year of establishment :  2014 in it’s current state as MOE+ Art Architecture 5 years (merger of two organisations MOE Limited and O+O Design –  over 30 years’ experience)
  • website:
  • Studio’s previous Studio Use:  Electrical Warehouse

MOE+ Art Architecture’s is an Architecture and Design practice born out of a merger of between MOE Limited and O+O Architects- a Lagos/London based Architectural practice. MOE+ Art Architecture has over 20 years’ experience in strategic, innovative design and value driven implementation and delivery, driven with a strong affiliation with the art and the expanding new African creative sector. They have helped define and identify many of their commercial clients’ aesthetics and workplace culture. Their commitment is to add value, using their extensive experience and understanding of the unique time and cultural landscape in which we exist. MOE+ aim to provide solutions that provide positive and valuable experiences which capture the language of an enduring zeitgeist.

Their current portfolio of work within Nigeria can be defined as architecture searching for a new idea for a redefined, pragmatic African modernism, engaged in the art of motifs, metaphor, ideals, context, culture, materiality and sustainability. The core principles have always remained the same- research, context, strong ideas and collaboration.

About Femi Olaiya

Femi Olaiya is an innovative, creative and dedicated, Nigerian-born, professional photographer based in Portsmouth, in the UK. He studied architecture at the prestigious School of Architecture, University of Lagos, Nigeria. He relocated to the UK shortly after his post graduate studies to pursue a career in architecture.

Femi currently works as a certified BIM professional and architectural design manager on award-winning multi-million-pound developments as a key member of the Portsmouth City Council regeneration team. His architecture photographs have featured on the front cover of the largest commercial real estate magazine in the south of England as well as in renowned luxury building lifestyle magazine Porcelanosa. He has also had his fashion and portrait photography work featured in Vogue Italia.

Femi’s love for architecture photography was further reinforced when his historic Lagos family home Old Olaiya Building (Casa de Fernandez or ‘Ilojo Bar’) was destroyed in 2016. His biggest regret was that the memory of this important national monument – loaded with personal sentimental value for him and many Lagosians – was never frozen in time with professional photography and technical plans in a deferrable document for future generations to read about. He is determined to do everything he can to ensure that the same mistake isn’t made for the rest of Nigeria’s proud portfolio of nationally significant buildings.

Femi lives in the United Kingdom with his wife Yemisi and two daughters. Connect with Femi via pixpac studios and

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