How Two Architects Became Their Own Clients – Diaz & Gallardo Unusual Real Estate

The folks at archipreneur sat with Alex Diaz and Esther Gallardo, founders of of Díaz&Gallardo, the Unusual Real Estate company based in Barcelona to discuss how they found their way from working for clients to becoming their own clients as Architect developers.

They describe their practice of creative urban development as follows, “An apparent disorder guides our work in order to reach a type of home you would own if you still were a child — a home in which the society has not injected its rational way of thinking yet. This home’s concept is a blend between memories, sensual experiences, flashbacks and current trends.


The fruits of these labors are domestic properties in Barcelona and Madrid that they then put on the market. They “are dense, small, bright, delicate, sophisticated, sensual, funny, unique, exclusive, organic, smart, full of energy, surprising tips and, above all, highly attractive.” Alex and Esther unveil a truly Mediterranean lifestyle to downtown Barcelona and Madrid by improving and strengthening ties between inhabitants, and the streets outside.

Read the full interview here.

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