The Q in San Diego by Jonathan Segal

[dropcap size=big]A[/dropcap]n inspiring documentary from 2009 on the ‘architect-developer’ Jonathan Segal (FAIA), a man who is pioneering a new way to build cities through sustainable design using urban projects such as high-density residence, mixed use, and live/work units.

The documentary continues to explore Segal’s approach to designing and constructing sustainable cities in addition to his take on saving existing buildings and not practicing urban removal.  By acknowledging a city’s history, Segal belives we can create housing project that take the historic essence and incorporate it with a contemporary architecture.

“We, in our process by being architect-contractor-and-developer, control the buildings and make it   a better place,”

– Jonathan Segal.


Segal, who originally wanted to open a”traditional” firm, quickly realized he would prefer being a developer so that he could control the design and construction.  Whereas traditionally, contractors may try to eliminate design from an economic standpoint and developers are not typically educated in urban housing or design, since Segal is rooted in architecture, design is a critical component of all his projects.  Plus, the firm is able to focus all their energy into these projects, allowing them to “shortcut the process by not having a client” to create less drawing and focus more on design.

Film by Jeff Durkin for Breadtruck Films.

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