5 Wow-Factor Landscaping Trends of 2020

When pinned against one another, interior design will often take top priority in a homeowner’s mind over its more physically-taxing landscape design counterpart.

Unlike interior design, which allows a homeowner to utilize their creative eye and curate taste-specific color schemes, landscape design requires muscle-straining labor and a practicality-oriented mindset. While it may be tempting to leave nature to its own devices, homeowners should reevaluate the importance of landscaping design.

For those homeowners craving an aesthetically-pleasing oasis just footsteps away, research the benefits of a thoughtfully-crafted landscape design. Take note that the landscape design’s incentives aren’t solely rooted in escapism. Good landscaping design promotes environmental efficiency, protects local wildlife, and facilitates soil regeneration. When you decide to invest in landscaping, prepare to watch your backyard garden transform into an eco-friendly retreat.

Although design trend projections such as using ornate, geometric hardscaping, contemporary and traditional designs, and decorating in shades of blue have resisted the forces of this unpredictable year of homeownership, 2020 has encouraged homeowners around the world to move their design and landscaping projects higher on their priority lists.

When debriefing your contractor on your landscape design plans, reiterate your desire to capitalize on the environmental benefits. You’ll also want to present these 2020-exclusive wow-factor trends to ensure your backyard is a conversation piece.

Use Native Plants

When homeowners hear the words “landscaping” or “backyard,” the first thought that will often pop into their minds is plant life. At their core, grass and trees are an excellent way to improve your yard’s environmental friendliness, as they extract carbon dioxide from the air to produce oxygen.

Before you pull out your trusty rake, remember that not all grass seed is created equal. Meaning, it’s essential to research and understand where your lawn seed is coming from and identify if it’s native to your climate and region. For centuries, homeowners have transported plants and grass seed from outside sources to build the outdoor spaces of their wildest dreams’ outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, those daydreams of flourishing gardens and vibrant green lawns are often rudely interrupted by the realization that non-native plants aren’t as resilient when faced with weather changes.

Start a Garden

Starting a garden is a bucket item for many overly-ambitious homeowners looking to enhance their property’s curb appeal. However, many homeowners have finally taken the plunge with copious amounts of free time on their hands.

If you’ve decided to dedicate your Saturdays to garden maintenance, debunk the myths that a gardens’ sole purpose is to host rose bushes and other flower varieties. Today, many gardeners opt for edible gardens to grow their favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Besides the opportunity to eat healthier and nourish your body with fresh fruits and vegetables, edible gardens allow homeowners to spend less on food and steer clear of time-consuming supermarket lines. Whatever your motives, an edible landscape should be something you highly consider.

Connect the indoors to the outdoors

There are several ways to bring the outdoors inside using house plants and freshly-installed bay windows, but have you considered how to bring the indoors out? From she sheds to custom pathways and modern outdoor furniture, landscaping trends show favor in the direction of optimizing the idea of indoor-outdoor living.

Opt for high-tech irrigation solutions

In the interest of seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of the tech world, many homeowners strive to spend more quality time outdoors, basking in Mother Natures’ glow. However, there are high-tech pieces that have a place and a purpose in your yard. Once you set up your edible garden and disperse your native grass seed, you must brainstorm irrigation solutions to maximize growth.

One of the most notable incentives of high-tech irrigation solutions is that just like smart heating and cooling systems have eco settings for your home, various irrigation systems deliver the perfect amount of water to your landscape. As a bonus, you can control them conveniently from your smartphone.

Make it custom

These days, it is easy to find design and landscaping inspiration pics. However, these already-existing outdoor spaces may not embody the vision floating around in your head. Fortunately, the best part about landscaping your yard is that you can bring your unique taste and style outside so that you can achieve design cohesion and select outdoor fixtures that complement your home’s interior.

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