Terraces Home in Vietnam by H&P Architects Features an Edible Rooftop Garden

In Vietnam, H&P architects has completed a large residence featuring accessible platforms that integrate urban farming as a basis for sustainable development.

Located in the city of ha tinh, ‘Terraces Home’ seeks to combine architecture with agriculture, forming a new typology that the architects refer to as ‘agritecture’. Influenced by the country’s terraced rice fields, the property intends to dissolve boundaries between internal and external living.

“Agricultural cultivation helps bring city dwellers closer to the nature by giving them interesting first-hand experience in planting, taking good care and sharing harvested produce from their own farmland plots with their neighbors,”

H&P architects has topped the house with nine accessible concrete terraces, each containing natural vegetation. this greenery protects the dwelling from the region’s tropical weather conditions, while simultaneously restricting the amount of dust, noise, and heat that enters the home. Meanwhile, an integrated irrigation system ensures that the plants are regularly watered.

The three storey property’s primary living accommodation is found at grade level, which contains a children’s play area, a lounge, and a kitchen alongside a ground floor bedroom. Three further bedrooms are positioned at the storey above, with a workshop and study found at the uppermost level. From here, residents can access the largest outdoor terrace with small step ladders connecting the other platforms.

“Terraces home serves as a constant reminder of the origin of paddy rice civilization in a flat world context threatened by various types of pollution currently at an alarming level. it is, at the same time, expected to promote the expansion of farmland plots in urban areas with a view to securing food supplies for future life.”

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