Our Visit to the IO Furniture Shopping Party

Last week, we had the privilege of attending the IO Furniture Shopping Party- an annual 5 day event held by the award winning interior design and furniture manufacturing company.

This year’s event brought together industry thought leaders, artists and celebrities, most notably, the popular recording artist Aphrodija of Mavin Records. The event which took place at IO Furniture’s exquisite Ilupeju showroom/factory, featured a vast collection of products ranging from the modern and contemporary to the more traditional and contextual. From modern sofas, rugs, TV stands and side tables to hand carved wooden coffee tables, Ankara throw pillows and ottoman seats there was something for everyone, both big and small, at generously discounted prices. Needless to say we look forward to next year’s event, but for now, here’s a look at all that we saw.


Right from walking through the aluminium and glass doors of the offices, you’re hit by the masterful blend of the ‘corporate office’ aesthetic with a warm feel of a (very) contemporary home. The space blurs the line between office and showroom, making walk to the actual main showroom through what I’d like to call the ‘glass corridor’ somewhat interesting.


As I mentioned before, there was a vast collection of products on display, some of which blend modern styles with contextual materials to add layers of texture and colour to otherwise simple forms. 


Going up the steel and glass staircase at the reception, you get a sense you’re heading for something more corporate and ‘official’. On getting to the top of the staircase, you’re greeted by a clever use of material to hide what are most likely roof trusses, a welcome surprise that would most probably be lost to the untrained eye. This, as well as the clean office furniture, lamps and wall paneling do well to leave a favourable impression.


Within the showroom, is what the folks at IO Furniture like to call their “one bedroom apartment”, being that the space features a living area, sleeping area (with walk-in closet) as well as an open kitchen and dining area. 


Ethniki is a spin-off company from IO Furniture Ltd which features a line of African inspired furniture and accessories, promoting ethnic culture, local artisans, arts and crafts to celebrate the rich and vibrant African lifestyle. The pieces therein speak for themselves.


What good is a party without people to add life and character. Clients and guests of IO Furniture did just that as they came out to support and patronise the indigenous brand, browsing through the showroom, picking items and having a good time all the while.

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