KALÌ International Earth Architecture Workshop to hold in Ghana

The Kalì | Earth Architecture Workshop is hosted by Nka Foundation and will be held in Abetenim Arts Village (Ashanti Region, Ghana) from September 1st to December 1st 2018.

The workshop seeks to build a sustainable classroom in Abetenim, a mud earth unit for a vocational skills center for youths in rural Ghana. According to the official website for the work shop,

The building will be part of a vocational school of art and architecture for the young villagers, who often remain unemployed due to the lack of professions.

Each earth unit, that we call Pavilion, is made from 2 earth walls, 2 wooden partitions and a central pillar. The earth walls and the pillar (also made from cement and earth) have the function to sustain the pitched roof, which is divided in 4 parts, to create empty spaces that can permit natural ventilation in the building.

The building is designed in order to use local materials in a sustainable way and also to be modular. Depending on how the units are joined there will be the possibility to obtain different spaces with different functions: a classroom will transform in a workshop, and a part of the space could be used as a shop.

The Workshop is currently seeking for volunteers willing to participate in developing the building. Here are the requirements.


Everyone is welcome to volunteer! We don’t ask for specific competences but only your enthusiasm and passion! Graduates and students of architecture, design, arts and others can use the opportunity for internship, personal research or thesis. (minimum stay 1 week).


Participation fee: 400€
food and accommodation: 80€/week
(Airfare, visa and vaccination are on your behalf)

workshopkali@gmail.com / info@nkafoundation.org

Join us as an international volunteer to build a sustainable classroom in Sang, a mud earth unit for a vocational skills center for youths in rural Ghana. Immerse yourself in local culture and lifestyle, and come to give your tangible contribution to help local people. To find out more about the workshop, visit the official workshop website and facebook page.

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