Design Week Lagos 2023

A Look Inside The Buzzing Design Week Lagos 2023

The creative and innovative Design Week Lagos 2023 has come to an end, leaving a lasting impression. Like a camera’s lenses, attendees showcased the event’s essence, offering us a fresh and exclusive view on the limitless possibilities of African design.

Design Week Lagos, an annual citywide celebration, once again took center stage in Lagos, Nigeria, from October 19th to 22nd, 2023. The event, which promotes the significance of all design disciplines and their impact on economic, social, cultural, and environmental development, drew a diverse and enthusiastic crowd.

This year’s theme, “African Design, The Future,” set the stage for a thought-provoking and visually captivating showcase of design’s transformative power.

Design Week Lagos 2023

Design Week Lagos 2023, with free admission for all, attracted a remarkable array of attendees, including prominent figures in the general design sphere. Designers and studios proudly presented their products and services, spanning from innovative furniture to the delightful world of coffee!

The event’s program featured an exciting lineup of talk sessions, where influential voices such as Tosin Oshinowo of Oshinowo Studio, Myles Igwebuike of Nteje Studio, and Charles O. Job shared their expertise and insights.

Among the curated design exhibits that stole the spotlight was the Spazio Ideale booth. With a vibrant and playful predominant yellow color scheme, it created a visually striking illusion of defying gravity within an interior space. Attendees eagerly engaged with this interactive hub, using it as a captivating backdrop for memorable photographs.


Another standout exhibition was Woodstyles, which left a lasting impression with its colossal 4-meter by 2.8-meter bulletproof door showcased at the “Made by Design” show. These remarkable exhibits showcased the boundless creativity and innovation of designers in the region.

The Design Week Lagos venue was not merely a space but an experience in itself. Designed to accommodate multiple functions simultaneously, the dark yet elegant thematic backdrop set the tone for an atmosphere of sophistication. Alongside the exhibitions, the event featured keynote speakers who shared their insights on various design-related topics. The DWL Café offered attendees a curated menu to savor, while the DWL VIP room introduced its own unique ambiance, creating a multifaceted environment for all.


More excerpts from @designweeklagosofficial It was an interesting platform for meeting and connecting with several professionals and young minds in the design stratosphere! Check the last slide!


And so it was the last day of Design Week Lagos and it was the icing on the cake 🧁 Truly I can’t even explain the impact but I am thankful to the organizers of @designweeklagosofficial for a mind blowing experience.🎊🎉🎊To everyone who showed up and showed out for us, thank you. I met an “icon” on the last day as well. I was thoroughly advised too and the support from odd places overwhelmed me. 🥹🥹🥹& it’s a wrap 👏🏼


#designweeklagos was my work station for the past 5days and this is my #photodump from the amazing experience.I met a couple of celebrities, my inlaw, family members and some old friends. #designweeklagos2023 Wholesome experience


Design Week Lagos 2023 was not merely an event but a celebration of the boundless creativity and innovation present in the African design landscape. As the event continues to grow, it serves as a testament to the vibrant design community that is shaping the future of the industry and redefining the African design narrative.

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