DIY – How to make a large fluffy cotton rug

Rugs are a significant part of decor in any space. Whether used as an area rug or as a runner, their presence makes all the difference. 

While any rug can define your space, you can’t get the perfect comfort, style and texture with just any rug. That’s why we love this DIY rug by Paper and Stitch – it looks incredibly fluffy, comfy and also very stylish. Can you see how her feet sinks in ? ? While getting a large-sized super comfy rug will most likely cost you huge bucks, this very plush DIY one wouldn’t. It’s also a beautiful alternative to the trending “synthetic looking shaggy rugs” that are becoming commonplace in most Nigerian homes.

For a breath of fresh air, and for something refreshingly plush and affordable, you can give this DIY rug a try.

What you’ll need

  1. Multi-use netting
  2. Cotton piping
  3. Scissors.
  4. Small rubber bands.

Follow the steps on how to create this fluffy cotton rug here. If you do get to do this, you can share images (preferably high resolutions) of the project with us, we’ll happily re-share. You can send it to

We hope you love this DIY rug as much we do.

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