Update Your Master Bedroom With These Small Changes

If you love your bedroom, but it just doesn’t fit your level of style, don’t despair. You don’t have to go knocking down the walls and splurging on a professional interior designer! Here are a few little changes you can make and achieve tremendous results!

1. Boost lighting

Replace your outdated boob lights and welcome your bedroom into the 21st century! It’s truly amazing just how much your bedroom can benefit from improved lighting: you’ll get to illuminate good sides and hide bad sides of the space, you’ll make the space more practical and you’ll even get to have a nice focal point! If you’re aiming for a modern look, opt for hanging pendants. On the other hand, a more traditional bedroom will look amazing when accompanied by a breathtaking crystal or iron chandelier! Floor lamps are also an interesting addition to any space, especially if you’re brave enough to opt for a bold design.

2. Improve your window treatment

A good window treatment will not only improve the look of your space but also boost privacy, comfort and even natural lighting! So, don’t just hang whatever on your windows and call it a day. For instance, for a romantic boudoir vibe, opt for silk draperies that will seductively pool on the floor. On the other hand, if you want to achieve that bright beach house feel, pick an airy and light material that playfully dances in the breeze and lets in plenty of light! However, whatever you choose, make sure to install your curtain rod properly. By lifting it up all the way to the ceiling, you’ll give your bedroom an instant boost in height and achieve a luxurious look.

3. Layer your rugs

If you want to achieve that bold, designer look in your bedroom without too much trouble, you can turn to carpets! One rug can make your space feel complete, but two can really make a huge impression, especially in the bedroom. So, give your bed that coveted inviting feel by topping a flat-weave, neutral rug with a fluffy, accent one! Your second rug can be a small addition to the side or the foot of the bed or be a large piece with your entire bed sitting on top of it. Pro tip: Don’t be scared to experiment with textures and patterns, but you simply can’t go wrong with combining a neutral base with a bold accent piece! You’ll instantly boost softness and warmth but also bring your style up a few notches.

4. Treat yourself to a new bed and a mattress

Getting a new bed frame will totally transform your bedroom and give it a fresh, new vibe. Plus, it’s probably a smaller expense than you think!  Today, there are so many different beds to choose from, but getting a spacious double bed with warm and soft king mattress has always been the best choice! It’s attractive, spacious and practical. Pick a model that fits your bedroom size and goes well with your overall design, but don’t let it completely blend into the background. For instance, a navy bed frame with a gorgeous headboard will perfectly stand out in a white bedroom! Adorn your new bed with a few strategically-placed decorative pillows and a throw and you’ll be blown away with the results.

5. Add a bedroom bench

The bed is usually the star of the show in every bedroom, but it’s the little side characters that really make the space interesting. For instance, if you have some unused space at the foot of your bed (and you probably do), you can fill it with a gorgeous bedroom bench! You can go very traditional with a French-style bench or go very minimalist with a model with simple lines and modern design. And, some pieces even have under-the-seat space that can be very useful if you always lack storage!

6. Improve your nightstand game

If you tend to keep everything from books to dirty cups on your nightstand, it’s time to boost your nightstand style. Clear the mess, employ your drawers and display a few must-have items. For instance, a silver platter for you necessities will instantly give your bedroom a touch of class!

7. Welcome flowers into your bedroom

A fresh bouquet of flowers can bring your bedroom to life with its seductive smell and vibrant colors! Display it in a nice vase and leave it on your vanity, side table or fireplace mantel for a subtle touch of luxury.

Even the tiny improvements like styling your nightstand or adding a bench can make a big difference in your bedroom’s look. As long as you invest in the right things, small changes can have a big impact!

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