A Chic Scandi-Style Bedroom With An Extended Headboard By Interiors With Tega

  • Interior Designer: Interiors With Tega
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Luxury Interior Image Ng
  • Location: Nigeria

The extensive use of earthy tones in this Scandi-style bedroom exudes airiness and comfort. Interior With Tega, a Nigerian interior design studio created this vibe with warm bedside wall lights, a wall-to-wall wooden headboard, and a white backdrop.

Embracing Scandinavian design principles, the space features light hues, clean lines, and natural materials, creating an uncluttered and visually calming retreat that adheres to the “less is more” philosophy.

Scandi-style Bedroom By Interiors With Tega

The room is naturally illuminated by a sizable window, adorned with brown drapes, fostering a harmonious play of light. The ceiling’s simple white finish complements the dark wooden floor, creating an appealing contrast. The thoughtfully planned layout ensures a seamless flow of traffic without disrupting the room’s distinct functions.

The Scandi-style bedroom is tastefully furnished with a sizable bed flanked by stylish wall lamps, and accompanied by a bed bench. It features a wide nightstand on one side and a matching console on the other side – as well as a free-standing full-length mirror and chair. This area is defined by an off-white area rug.

Interiors by Tega created a cozy reading and working nook featuring a grey lounger and a portable table, personalized with minimal chic wall pictures. Positioned opposite this setting and below the TV, is a hybrid dresser that cleverly integrates storage for television accessories and personal effects.

Lounger and portable table in Scandi-style Bedroom By Interiors With Tega
Throw pillow detail at the Scandi-style Bedroom By Interiors With Tega.

Two notable features define this bedroom: the built-in wall-to-wall slatted headboard, harmonizing with the cream-colored wall and enriching the room’s character, and the inclusion of a tree trunk stool, aligning with the Scandi-style design’s embrace of nature.

The space is generally lit by cool ceiling lights and hidden strip lights in the ceiling and in the headboard. The bedside wall lights provide clear reading light for reading in the evening and create a cozy atmosphere with warm mood lighting.

Scandi-style Bedroom By Interiors With Tega

Interior with Tega’s Scandi-style bedroom beautifully blends aesthetic charm with functionality. From the extensive use of earthy tones to strategic furniture placement and thoughtful lighting, every element reflects a commitment to simplicity and nature. This space exemplifies how thoughtful design choices can transform a bedroom into a harmonious sanctuary of comfort and style.

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