Project WFP: A Compact Modern Private Office By Oak And Teak

  • Interior Designer: Oak And Teak
  • Project Title: Project WFP
  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Luxury Interior Image Ng
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

With a blend of simple patterns and a warm, neutral color palette, Oak And Teak, an interior design studio based in Lagos, crafted a modern private office for a commercial project they undertook last year.

Project WFP involved renovating and outfitting an office, encompassing significant spaces like break rooms, conference rooms, and private offices— one of which is the focus of this post.

This modern private office is quite compact but functional. It has a working area with an executive desk set and two swivel visitor seats with ample storage for files and decor.

Oak and Teak also provided a casual seating area neatly tucked away beside the bathroom. It consists of a leather three-seater sofa and a coffee table to match. Both functional areas in this compact office are mapped out by area rugs atop wooden patterned flooring.

Relaxation area in Modern Private Office By Oak And Teak
Relaxation area in Modern Private Office By Oak And Teak

This design has a cohesive look because the designer chose components with matching and complementing colours. This is especially noticeable in the fact that all major colours on different elements in the space can be picked out on the wall art in the casual seating area. To better appreciate this, warm strip lights and cool recessed lights were used to generate general lighting while a drop-down fluorescent light provided task lighting over the working area.

This modern private office design by Oak and Teak is not only compact and cohesive but also simple and functional.

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