Discover This Sleek Neo-Classical Living Room In Nigeria Featuring A Muted Colour Palette

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  • Designers: Design By C. Williams
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Location: Nigeria

Lagos-based interior designer, Design By C. Williams, recently designed a neo-classical living room with a muted colour palette for a residential project – Joshua’s Residence. They balanced out intricate ornamentation of traditional architecture with a muted white, light grey, and beige combination to birth a sleek and elegant space.

When considering a living room with a muted color palette, encountering one crafted in the neo-classical style is a rarity. While neo-classical aesthetics occasionally embrace neutral tones, they typically involve a nuanced approach to color selection, with strategically placed accents offering depth and visual interest. Design By C. Williams exemplifies this cohesive design ethos by artfully employing a palette of white, cream, light grey, and beige.

Neo-classical living room by Nigerian interior designer

The space is framed by a plain white ceiling and walls, complemented by a cream glossy tiled floor. While these elements often serve as backdrops for other design features, in Joshua’s residence, they play a central role in shaping the ambiance of the living room with a muted colour palette.

Neo-classical living room by Nigerian interior designer

The layout features a pair of grey camel back sofas and single sofas in a subtle white hue, creating a balanced arrangement that anchors the neo-classical living room. This seating ensemble is harmonized by a glass-top coffee table and an area rug, with the arrangement extending onto the wall through complementary artworks and a chandelier directly above the cluster.

Adding a touch of whimsy, the designer incorporates eclectic wall decor into the space, paired with a classical-style console and accompanying decor. To infuse vitality into the composition, indoor plants are strategically placed in the corner by the seating area.

Neo-classical living room by Nigerian interior designer

Overall, this neo-classical living room with a muted colour palette is evenly lit, with various lighting fixtures highlighting the sleek features of the design, culminating in a space that seamlessly combines neo-classical elegance with contemporary flair.

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