10 Ideas for Creating an Accent Wall Using Unconventional Materials

Contemporist have put together an unexpected yet creative compilation of inspiring accent walls that makes use of unconventional materials to create truly stunning outcomes.

We picked 10 of our favourites from their original article to share and give you ideas on how you can add some creativity to an accent wall in your project. Take a look.


Felt is an unexpected wall covering that has a few benefits to it. Not only does it look visually appealing, it can be cut and formed into shapes and designs, it helps absorb sound, and it helps to warm up cold spaces. Multi-colored triangular pieces or intricately folded pieces add color, dimension, texture, and help brighten up the room.


The wall behind the check-in area of this hotel is made of luggage cases in all different positions to create depth and intrigue.


Is a single wine rack just not enough for you anymore? Turn an empty wall into a massive wine holder, like this one.


Do you ever open your cupboard of mugs and feel overwhelmed by the excessive number of them? If so, put them on your wall like this one in a Polish cafe that’s made up of more than 2700!


Much like the teacup idea, this accent wall holds hundreds of ceramic plates in all different sizes to create a unique design element.


This Asian-American fusion restaurant has bowls installed on the wall to create a unique look that fits with what they serve.


Made from the fleshy part of a cork tree, these panels of cork bring a natural feel to this modern bathroom.


A wall made of copper panels adds shine and texture to the interior of this restaurant.


This weathered steel accent wall runs the length of the apartment and provides a place to get creative should inspiration suddenly hit.


A chalkboard accent wall brings bold fun into any space. As soon as you add colorful characters, pictures, and quotes, it takes on a whole new feel and becomes a fun spot to gather at. The chalkboard wall in this family living room provides the kids with a spot to get creative and encourages the entire family to unleash their inner child.

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