View of the Contemporary Art Deco Living Room by Mimiz Interiors

This Contemporary Art Deco Living Room by Mimz Interiors Has A Luxurious Vibe

Mimz Interiors has designed a contemporary art deco living room that combines modern comfort with classic opulence effortlessly. This stylish space is a perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary sophistication.

Mimz Interiors creates a luxurious ambiance by skillfully combining different materials and design elements. The combination of wood and glossy marble wall cladding creates a visually and tactilely pleasing experience, reminiscent of the Art Deco era. By combining different textures, the room gains depth and invites you to admire its luxurious details.

View showing wood and marble cladding in Contemporary Art Deco Living Room by Mimiz Interiors

Positioned directly above the centre table is the chandelier, which serves as the focal point for the seating layout. A light grey textured area rug is surrounded by a grey two-seater sofa, a brown two-seater sofa, and two Grey U-shaped single-seater sofas in the seating arrangement. Completing the seating ensemble are two brown leather conversation seats positioned by the window.

Conversation Seats in Contemporary Art Deco Living Room by Mimiz Interior
Leather conversation seats by window
U-shaped Grey single-seater in Contemporary Art Deco Living Room by Mimiz Interiors
Grey single-seater
Two-seaters in Living room

The staircase storage combines aesthetics and functionality in a delightful way. Lit from within, the subtle and inviting glow it emits enhances the room’s ambience. Along its shelves, lush green plants are thoughtfully placed, adding a touch of nature’s beauty to the living space.

Showing Storage beneath staircase in Mimiz Interiors' Contemporary Art Deco Living Room

This innovative use of space ensures that the living room remains both visually appealing and impeccably organized, epitomizing Mimiz Interiors’ dedication to combining artful design with everyday convenience.

The media wall takes center stage in this living space, making a significant impact on the overall ambiance. Dominated by a matte-white backdrop that elegantly frames the television, it is complemented by two understated wall light fixtures. The rest of the media wall showcases a combination of polished wood and reflective dark glass, creating a captivating visual contrast. Adorned with carefully selected décor pieces and faux plants, this section of the room becomes a striking focal point, adding both texture and depth to the living area.

Minimalist artwork graces the walls, selected with care to complement the room’s overall design without overwhelming it. These artistic accents strike a harmonious balance, allowing the architectural and design elements to shine as the true stars of the room.

Decor in Contemporary Art Deco Living Room by Mimiz Interior

Floor-to-ceiling dark ash curtains introduce an element of drama and sophistication. They frame the windows, adding depth and texture to the room’s ambiance. These curtains not only provide privacy but also serve as a versatile design element, allowing you to control the interplay of light and shadow.

Gold accents tastefully incorporated throughout the room elevate the space with a touch of grandeur. From delicate figurines on the shelves to subtle embellishments on the coffee tables, these golden elements tell a timeless luxurious story.

In conclusion, Mimz Interiors’ Contemporary Art Deco Living Room seamlessly combines timeless luxurious comfort. It offers an atmosphere of enduring elegance where every detail contributes to its opulent ambiance.

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