7 Center/Coffee Table Ideas to Look Out For!


Sometimes I feel center tables are kind of old school (just my opinion). I love that open feel of a modern home, and center tables tend to take space from an already small apartment. About them being “old school” ; growing up, I remember there was no home I entered that didn’t have a center table. It had a characteristic look with a table cloth placed over it and a flower vase placed atop the table cloth. Remember?

Now what’s trending (in Nigeria at least) is the characteristic black and silver polished metal table with glass atop table, which I passionately dislike.  Despite my “old-school” feeling of the center table, it still works, but not for a small space except one that can be repositioned after use.
In case you were thinking of introducing a center table to your living space, here are some collected ideas that we find modern, stylish and timeless.





 ~ Timeless center table with wooden frame and Glass atop ~

You can get an updated look of a glass atop center table with simple clean lines, and no unnecessary ornament on the frame. Truly, less is more.

~ The Good old Trunk Box ~

I personally think the trunk box center/coffee table is a sophisticated look. For a personal, unique, intimate and bold look, you can try this. Its definitely perfect if you are trying to be adventurous and a little bit quirky. You can throw a beautiful textured cover on it if you like. Just have some fun!

Rattan Trunk Box seen on Pier 1.
Retro trunk box on wheels. It can easily be repositioned anywhere else in your space. Seen on Room Service.
Another vintage trunk box, seen on The Centric Home.

~ White Center tables ~

Whether its a traditional or a contemporary center table, a white table will certainly be an interesting focal point in your room, and will contrast perfectly with a dark furniture. Its clean and simple look makes it look effortless in a space.

Seen on Hunajaista.
White and blonde wood combination, as seen on Idyll og him
Chic white table as seen on Only Deco Love
Another white and blond wood combination, as seen on Penelope Home.

~ Modular and Rectilinear Wood Box ~

Bold, sturdy and contemporary is the modular wood box.  Its pure and simple lines combined with the natural look of wood makes it a minimalist delight. Its a bold statement.
Seen on Behance.
Seen on Poppy Works.

~ Metallic center tables ~

For an effortless contemporary look, a metallic center table will do the trick. From metal plates, to metal rods, to hammered metals, their clean industrial look makes them one of the minimalist’s favorite.
Seen on Decoratrix.
A wooden center/coffee table with a metal plate running across the top. Seen on Hammer and hand.
Coffee Table with metallic framework seen on Relax Deco.
Seen on Rstyle.
Hammered metal coffee/center table seen on Rue Mag.

~ Reclaimed Wood  ~

Not only are they sustainable, but they are also super – stylish. Depending on the size, they can also be relocated to other areas of your home or space. They are also perfect for introducing an interesting natural texture to your space.
Reclaimed coffee/center table and stool seen on Stardust modern design.
Seen on etsy.
Seen on Soulouposeto
Reclaimed wood painted with gold, seen on Pinterest.

~Polished Concrete Tables ~

Who knew concrete will ever be used to make indoor furniture, but then again, its design and some people are pretty good at letting their minds run wild. Concrete tables are gradually generating an increase in its fan base, and I happen to be one of them. It’s solid, it’s different, it’s minimalist and it has a natural look. Somehow I feel it draws inspiration from historic brutalist architecture. You can always contrast its strong look with an interesting use of soft furnishings.
Polished concrete table, seen on Trueform concrete.
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