Tulip in the River: A Symbolic Pedestrian Bridge Proposal in Amsterdam by MLBS

Back in 2012, the firm Michael Labory & Bertrand Schippan Architects (MLBS Architects) participated in an international competition to design a pedestrian bridge in Amsterdam and created something truly  ‘symbolic’.

Inspired by a prominent dutch symbol, they designed a peculiar landmark in the multi-functional “tulip bridge” that serves not only as a crossing but also as a destination. Their proposal takes into consideration the culture and lifestyle of the city, to offer many activities to inhabitants, all at one very dynamic location.

The proposed ‘tulip’ bridge will have the ability to unfold its petals in different positions and configurations to cater to different activities and requirements. It would work typically as a bridge that maximises pedestrian flow optimising connectivity between the river banks, while offering ‘one-of-a-kind vistas and experiences at its centre or ‘heart’.

It could be a summer time retreat for the swimmers and those that love to be close to the water, transforming itself to contemporary, ‘city centre beach’ of sorts.

It could also be a cinema or amphitheater, with its petals slightly raised and a screen erected opposite, offering free concerts and viewings to a public audience.

It could even be an exhibition space or outdoor museum, with most of its petals raised, inviting passers by to come experience art in a new, fresh and engaging manner.

And incase, you’re wondering what happens if all the petals close to truly exemplify the structure of a tulip, well thats when the club opens. This Club can accommodate varying activities both by day and by night and deliver a truly unique experience all on the water.

However, one of its most prominent offerings is its ability to change colour and with all its petals closed, stand at the center of the river as a sort of city lantern. Its colour palette morphs to suite varying national and international events and celebrations all adding a supremely unique, never before seen aesthetic reflecting the unique atmosphere of city of Amsterdam.

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