4 Stylish Bedroom Furniture Ideas

You don’t always invite people into your bedroom, but when you do, it is for the eyes and senses of a very limited audience. Why then, not bestow upon them the pleasure of witnessing your suave and sense of style through the furniture in your personal space?

Although bedrooms are mostly for unwinding at the end of an assiduous day, they are also a close cut representation of who you are as a person. But bedrooms are not stylized in a day and we understand that. You can steadily convert yours into a mirror image of your style, and if you feel like your sense of style is not backing you up, we are here to guide you on 4 stylish bedroom furniture ideas that will transform your lair into an aesthetic, picture perfect space. 

Modern monochrome blend

Although the trend of monochrome could see decor in different shades of blue or a variety of greens, black and white remain a favorite with designers and consumers alike.  From a statement black bed frame contrasting with the white walls and bed with a regular mattress or an uber comfortable natural mattress, to the minimal pieces of black decor on the walls as well as a simplistic wallpaper to go with it – The options in this setting are limitless with no scope of a mismatch as long as you are able to get your hands on furniture that goes with the theme of black and white. From country chic to city sleek, black and white color combos are timeless and anything but boring!

A Neutral/Monochrome Bedroom in the San Vicente Residence in California, USA, by Mario Romano. Find out more about this project here.

Cozy Minimalism

Minimalism is key in the modern age and for all the right reasons. Pair it with some clever layering on the bed with mattress and you have yourself a cozy environment minus the unwanted clutter. For layering on the bed, look for a mix and match of patterns and textures and pair them with light colors. Contrasting patterns in muted tones are great for minimalism. Layering with stylish breathable sheets will make the experience more welcoming. A simple bed and clean walls and floor will put your bed in the spotlight. To top it off, opt for wall mounted lamps and keep the bedside clear. Remember, sometimes less is more!

A Minimal yet cozy bedroom in the Dancing Light Home in Arizona, USA, by Kendle Design Collaborative. See more about this project here.

Smart Storage

Your bedroom does not need to be stuffed till the drawers and storage compartments are overflowing with unnecessary clutter. As houses get smaller, the need to realize the importance of space and use it effectively should be your top priority. For starters, consider getting a bed with storage. If you are looking to skip on bulky beds, just opt for beds with mattress.  Shelves, hidden compartments, furniture doubling up as secret storage are all simple yet clever ways to manage space efficiently. Using vertical space for storage as well as the decor is another smart move that can help clear up usable space for the essentials and make a style statement at the same time. 

A Bedroom in Stepping Park House in Vietnam, features built-in, vertical storage for books and small items as well as desks/dressers with drawers. See more of this tropical home here.

Add a sitting area

Don’t take the word ” bedroom” too seriously. You are allowed to and encouraged to add a sitting area if lack of space is not a concern. A tight neutral color scheme will prevent visual chaos while natural light and layers of different materials can inject warmth. Hence, placing your seating furniture near or in front of windows or balcony doors is a good idea. A small coffee table or a simple reading nook can be noteworthy additions and make for an enticing tiny setup that is both inviting and comfortable. 

A Cozy sitting area in the Master suite of a Hillside Luxury Villa in Dubai. See more of this project here.

The possibilities to transform your plain looking bedroom into a style statement are endless if you are ready to take the initiative. You don’t need to spend all your mullah and burn a hole in your pocket to attain a stylish bedroom. All it takes is a sense of aesthetic taste and smart placement. To take it up a notch, add some meaningful statement pieces that define your moods and personality. 

Lastly, make sure you tread with the rest of the world and add nifty smart features to compliment the bedroom. Technology has enabled smart sensing lights and voice recognizing speakers and assistants. Get your hands on the good looking tech that adds functionality and style to your bedroom.

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