The D*Table by The D*Haus Company

Described as a “… Swiss army knife of a table”, the D*Table by D*Haus, combines mathematics and movement to create a functional adaptable low table.

Based on the formula of English Mathematician, Henry Ernest Dudeney, who worked out how to turn a perfect square into a perfect equilateral triangle, the D*Table is made up of 4 distinct units, which can be reconfigured much like a 3d puzzle to offer up to 8 configurations. This change in configuration is made possible by a unique removable hinge that can be manually detached and reattached.

Each of the four individual units hold unique features such as a Plant/Bottle holder or slender book slots, and can also be detached and used as individual side tables for greater functionality.The table works great as a storage box when in square formation, hiding your every day life away inside its inbuilt storage, or as a unique center table with a unique functionality when in any of the other 7 other configurations.

The D*Table is both practical and diverse, with functions literally unfolding as the table is opened. It challenges the conventional coffee table as a unique piece that is dynamic, saves space and looks really cool.

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