Proxima - a modern circular dining table by OKHA

Proxima – A Circular Dining Table by OKHA That Explores Duality

Proxima, meaning “nearest star to the sun” and “denoting of natural objects” is a circular dining table that blends material sophistication and form.

The circular dining table is designed by South Africa based interior design studio, OKHA. According to them, Proxima table is inspired by the re-current theme of chaos and order, being explored by its Creative Director, Adam Court. This refers to how contrasting elements like order and disorder can co-exist “in our natural and metaphysical world”.

Proxima dining table and dining chairs by OKHA

Staying true to this, the Proxima table features a “constellation of elements”. The round table is “composed of fractals of shifting forms that appear simultaneously random and in order; entities in a state of perpetual flux and in orbit”. Contrasting material textures also feature in the finishes.

The 1400mm diameter table comes in two variations. The dark variation features a leathered black pearl marble top and 735mm-high wire brushed carbon oak base. The light variation features a leathered carrara marble top. and wire brushed white ash base. “Geo-organic configurations are assembled ina circular format reminiscent of a planetary form”.

Proxima diing table - tabletop and base
Fractal detail on Proxima table
Table top detail on Proxima dining table

The materials have contrasting natural textures, and explore the concept of duality. Whether it’s the contrast of the linear fractals on a circular form, or the softness of leather with a stone finish, or the solid presence of the circular dining table – the Proxima table balances contrasts in an intriguing and sophisticated way. According to the designers, Proxima

Encapsulates the idea that the foundations of our universes are built on the concept of Yin & Yang, opposites co-existing, one element unable to exist without the other; without noise there is no silence, without dark no light… the unity of these dialectic opposites result in our mystically functioning cosmos. – OKHA

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