The (All-in-One) Morpheus Bed by Barberio Colella Arc


Designed by Barberio Colella Arc, is an all-in-one furniture, which incorporates all the elements necessary for the bedroom: bed, wardrobe and ambient lightning. is thought to be a possible solution for the small spaces found in some contemporary bedrooms while still keeping in mind the average dimensions of a standard room. is also a spacious wardrobe, thanks to four large under-bed drawers and a fitted wardrobe that pulls out sideways and is hidden within the thickness of the perforated, backlit headboard. is made of poplar plywood veneered with bleached oak, for the exterior, and pine, for the interior. To find out more about the bed, check out its official website.


Payoff:                 All-in-one bedroom furnitures


Design:                 Barberio Colella ARC (
Fabrication:        Coletta Ebanisteria Italiana (
Pictures:              © Morpheus Bedrooms, 2017


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