Artikul Architects have designed this small boutique container hotel named ContainHotel, in Treboutice, Czech Republic which is designed to be mobile and seasonal.

The hotel is made from three shipping containers, and was setup in just four months with a total of five rooms accomodating 13 guests. Here’s a description culled from the architects website,

For the courageous investor we designed a small mobile hotel from the used transport containers. His first placement was at the surfers’ camp between Lab and the busy railway line – we have named it Hotel Trainspotting for the time being.
The building consists of two 20-foot containers and a 40-foot tall container transversely located thereon. In the lower containers there is a sanitary facility, a technical background, a warehouse and a guest room. There are four rooms in the upper container with a terrace. The entire hotel is designed as demountable, maximally self-sufficient and environmentally friendly.

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