Jenette Chair By Fernando & Humberto Campana for Edra

The Jenette chair makes a statement. Once you see it, you notice it.

Designed by Brazilian brothers, Fernando and Humberto Campana, and built by Edra, the chair’s statement look is derived from the mix of its solid bottom and flexible top, choice of material, design and solid colours. Here is a more detailed description of the chair from Edra.

It is a point of union between rigid and flexible this chair molded in polyurethane with an internal metal frame. The legs and seat are solid while the back is flexible, thanks to a full swath of PVC rods. With prolonged use, the “stalks” open and shape the back into its final setting.

Available in a range of colors. Fully painted with matt polyurethane varnish. The back is composed of about 900 flexible stalks made of PVC with metal insert.

contemporary-chair-fernando-humberto-campana-4164-4106773 CAMPANA_Jenette_04etoz CAMPANA_Jenette_02 CAMPANA_Jenette_01 17663032_1_x index1 Jenette_CHAIR1 Jenette_CHAIR2 Jenette_CHAIR3CindexJenette2(0) Jenette3(0) Jenette4(0)

What fascinated me the most about the chair was the broom like back rest. I wondered how much firmness it would provide to the back, but I guess Edra wouldn’t have made it, if it didn’t work. Looking at this, I can see the immense opportunity in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, as there is much room for other materials. We just have to make sure that whatever new innovations we are introducing is not detrimental to our environment.

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