Marie Khouri’s Oversized Sculptural Planters by Marie Khouri

Just like with interiors, in landscaping, you have a tonne of accessories to choose from when working a space. Right now we are loving these beautiful large, oversized planters.

The planters are a product of Canadian based design and manufacturing firm, Khourie Design. The design encapsulates the beauty of curves and its sparkling white colour creates awesome contrast with any intended plants. Its modern, stylish, minimalist and comes in variable sizes. Oh, and flawless too. Here are some details from (including the fact that the white stays white, even with time);

Constructed in rotationally moulded polyethylene, the planters are meticulously hand sanded, producing a smooth matte finish. Durable and lightweight, all planters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with built in UV protection to prevent any discolouring.

1-oversized-sculptural-planter-by-Marie-Khouri 2-oversized-sculptural-planters-by-Marie-Khouri 3-oversized-sculptural-planters-by-Marie-Khouri 4-oversized-sculptural-planters-by-Marie-Khouri g06

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