Tango and Nova Office Furniture by Narbutas 1

Award Winning Tango and Nova Office Furniture by Narbutas Combines a Minimalist Aesthetic with Strong Materiality

Tango lounge seat and Nova wood table system designed by Christina Strand and Niels Hvass for Lithuanian Office Furniture Manufacturer-Narbutas.

The designs were recognized by the jury of experts and received the prestigious 2019 Red Dot Award for Product Design. Tango lounge seating won in the category of Office Chairs while Nova Wood meeting table won in the category of Conference and Meeting Room Furniture.


“Elegant and divided back enlarges the comfort of the chairs and at the same time the chair has a strong iconic expression.”

Christina Strand and Niels Hvass

The Tango lounge seat features a high backrest that isolates users from surrounding noise, giving them a sense of comfort and protection while powerfully distinguishing the space. It is appealing for the high quality reflected in its design, which is convincing both aesthetically and functionally.


“The design of the NOVA Wood desk system cleverly combines high-quality, aesthetically pleasing materials with the requirements of modern office spaces.”

The Nova meeting table features beveled edges and sophisticated Fenix finish while the solid ash wood structure and central insert in ash veneer, provide an optimal solution for managing wiring and electrical outlets.

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