The Rattan House by Singapore-based Guz Architects is an L-shaped residence designed to make the most of the views and funnel breezes throughout the house, while ensuring privacy as well as an indoor-outdoor flow for the residents.


The L shape plan house was based on the concept of permeability. This was achieved by designing a sequence of open air rooms and gardens that maximized the transparency and encouraged natural ventilation to not only passively cool the house, but also to provide greenery and a sense of space which all occupants could share. This is also seen at the entrance where there is an open water courtyard which acts as a cooling element for the building. The use of a split rattan wall along the corridor along the upper floor allows air to pass through as well as acting as a library and a gallery for the inhabitants. The house was completed on a very low budget (for Singapore) of less than S$1m.

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