Multiple Courtyard House in Thailand by Poetic Space Studio

Project Title
Multiple Courtyards House
Bangkok, Thailand
560 sqm
Poetic Space Studio
Lead Architects
Nuthasard Jeendpund, Yupayong Chaikajonpat
Wichakorn Pinjan
Songtam Srinakarin

The multiple courtyard house is a 6 bedroom home on the outskirts of Bangkok, which accommodates a family of seven who previously lived in a city row house.

The home features three courtyards- The main courtyard at the centre of the house within which the swimming pool and garden are situated. It also serves as a way to both connect and divide the home while also being a focal point of activity for the family. There are two smaller courtyards with flowering trees located at both sides of bedroom areas in the north and south wing. They are set in the between bedrooms, operating as gap to offer privacy and also operating as common area for each zone.

The home offers the recently resettled family, much more space for both personal and functional activities most especially a sizeable kitchen garden in the backyard.

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